Club Championships 2019

This year’s Boston Amateur Swimming Club’s  Club Championships will take place over three weekends during June and July.

The first weekend will take place on Saturday and Sunday June 15 and 16th 2019 in the Training Pool, with the second weekend on Saturday June 29th and 30th. The final day of competition will be Sunday July 7th.

All swimmers in Junior squads upwards are able to enter these events. The exception to this rule are the long distance events – 800m and 1500m Freestyle – where swimmers must be over the age of 9 and in Future squad or above.

All events are £4.

Closing date for these events is 24th May 2019.

Entry forms can be downloaded here and should be returned to Pete Hockerston, 58 Chester Way, Boston, PE21 7PR. Please either give the entry form to Pete, post it or put it through his door yourself. Do not rely on other people passing it on as forms have been lost in the past and when the error is realised it may be too late to correct. Late entries will not be accepted. Please see Katy Roberts (Treasurer) if you wish to pay by card.

All trophies that were won at the 2018 Club Championships should be returned, cleaned to Michael Ridge by 31st May 2019.

Club Championship 2018 Entry Form


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