Arrangements for Tulip Meet

The Tulip Open Meet will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Castle Sports Complex, Spalding, and the Club will be taking 52 swimmers to compete in this meet over the weekend. Good luck to everyone taking part!

Warm-ups for both days will be at 8.50am for the morning sessions and 2.20pm for the afternoon sessions. All swimmers should arrive promptly to poolside ahead of these warm-ups to be signed in.

Parents please note this is a ticket-only Meet therefore you will only be able to enter the pool area to watch your child swim and must leave straight after to allow other parents in. Caroline Hutchings, as in previous years, will be managing the tickets. You must collect your viewing ticket from Caroline and return this to her once your child has swum. Please do not hold onto your ticket. Your co-operation on this is appreciated and will make things run smoothly.

Swimmers new to Open Meets are reminded they must have “Club” hats only, and have a t-shirt or Club shirt to keep warm on poolside. Please bring plenty of fluids with you.

All swimmers are asked to remain poolside throughout the duration of the sessions and not leave the pool until the Coach and poolside helpers say they are able to do so. Again parents are asked not to encourage the swimmers to come out to them before they have completed their swims during the session.

A list of Boston swimmers and entered swims are available here.

A reminder also that due to the Tulip Meet and the East Midlands ASA Youth Meet there will be no training for Performance, Development and Senior squads on Saturday.




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