October Half-term Training Timetable

As a number of schools in the area will be breaking up on Friday, we will be operating a changed timetable over the next two weeks. The Half-Term timetable runs from Monday 19th October until Saturday 31st October.

Times are available on the Training Times page and training will be in the Geoff Moulder Training Pool.

A reminder for Sharks/Silver swimmers, during the school holidays you may train at any Sharks/Silver session so it’s a great opportunity to get some extra practice in!


3 responses to “October Half-term Training Timetable

  1. Not all schools have 2 weeks off at half term. My sons school only has one. Therefore we cannot make the changed Wednesday time for sharks. We cannot get to the pool for 4pm on any night. I can’t understand why it changed from 4 to 5 pm on 21st October. For some parents the later slot is needed.

    • Hi. We realise that some schools are still on one week holidays. However the Leisure Pool is on a School Holiday timetable from this Saturday so all squads are training in the Training Pool as it will be a General Swim session when we normally have the lanes.

      • It still would be helpful to have the same times in the training pool. I spend a lot of money on lessons. Keeping the same times for other schools not on half term would have been helpful.

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